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About Odby Proptech

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Our philosophy has never changed, we act with honesty and integrity that has always put the interests of our client first.

We listen to you so that everything we do will be of utmost benefit at all times. Your best interests are what is most important to us.

Odby Proptech is India's emerging real estate advisory firm offering a one-stop solution for the Real Estate Industry.

Odby Services

One - Stop
Solution For Real Estate


  • Market Study
  • Product Development
  • Sales Recommendations
  • Sales Strategy Advising
  • Promotion & Communiqué Plan

Retail Facilitations

  • Market Approach
  • Business Site Recommendations
  • Asset Dealings
  • Property Management Services
  • Brokerage Services

Plot / Land Services

  • Approach
  • Trend Assessment
  • Distinct Branding
  • Media Management
  • Strategic Alliances


Property Selling.
Simplified. Partner with us for end-to-end marketing and sales, right from strategy to execution.

For Esteemed Partners

Brokerage. Simplified.
Partner with us to become a SuperBroker today and enjoy working with top Real Estate brands, best projects, timely brokerage and incentive payouts, quarterly and annual rewards and much more.

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